Flying Tourists To The ‘Edge of Space’

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    A MILITARY jet takes passengers on a ride of a lifetime – right to the edge of space and into the stratosphere. Since the retirement of Concorde turbojet in 2003, only the military has had access to flying faster than the speed of sound, but now Swiss company MiGFlug are offering adventurers the opportunity to fly higher and faster than ever before in a MiG-29 military jet. Customers can reach heights of up to 20-22 kilometres in good weather, and 17 kilometres is guaranteed for each flight – only astronauts can reach higher into the stars. Adventurers are given high altitude outfits, oxygen masks, a medical check up and training before they take off from Nizhny Novgorod airbase in Russia. Budding pilots can even control the jet on the descent and a wide range of daredevil manoeuvres are on offer – including rolls, breaking the sound barrier and flying at supersonic speed.

    Videographer / director: MiGFlug
    Producer: Hannah Stevens, Nick Johnson
    Editor: Joshua Douglas