TwerkOut! Lexy Panterra Teaches The World To Bounce Their Booties

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    TWERKING sensation Lexy Panterra is on a one-woman mission to turn her raunchy routines into the next global fitness craze. The energetic 22-year-old has taught more than 10,000 women how to shake their booties and is hoping her TwerkOut routine will become a worldwide smash. Lexy already attracts big names to her LA classes including popstars Christina Milian and former Spice Girl Mel B. She is now on her way to making her first million and has already purchased her dream car – a Mercedes Benz – but claims she is too busy shaking her butt to find love. Despite receiving criticism for her provocative poses, Lexy is supported in her efforts by father Tony, who says he has no doubt that TwerkOut will one day become a global brand.

    Videographer / Director: Patrick Fallon
    Producer: Dan Howlett, Nick Johnson
    Editor: Jack Stevens